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...Enjoying the art of adorning our bodies, our life, our world, and our souls !!! Taking vintage findings, pocket watches, ephemera, kitsch, rhinestones, semi precious stones and anything that strikes my fancy and repurposing it into new and wearable art jewelry for all...I can even incorporate your own pieces for a personal treasure!!!! I will take requests also, just convo me!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

...things that make me happy!

This lovely little dinosaur planter was discovered at the Green With Indie Show at Webster University. I felt like I was in my element, surrounded by like minded people that live to create and create to live! I met so many wonderful, artsy, talented, innovative, fun loving people! So inspiring! Now all I want to do is create and hang with this fab, eclectic group of artists! My dinosaur comes from the creative mind of "Toxic Rocket!" She had creative written all over her, from her lovely red hair, to her big earrings, and zombie all stars! The dinos made everyone smile and were flying off her display table to their new homes! Mine is my fav color of turquoise, and has a small live plant placed lovingly and artistically in the Dino's back. These quirky little creations would make any one happy! Mine is named Madonna and she is now my booth mascot when I do art shows.... so watch for her to make more appearances! SHE makes me happy!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Magia Mia: Barn House Virgin No More

Magia Mia: Barn House Virgin No More. This is my jewelry show dream! I so want to go to a show like this and be a vendor! I want to set up a killer, WOW everyone booth and just hang with all these, obviously, creative, artsy, talented, people and network, share, and just simply be inspired!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Green With Indie

My booth and this really cool guy named Lowell that let me decorate his hair with one of my "Bobbie Bling!"

Green With Indie Show

Met some amazing people and made great contacts! What a fun group! We love Beth from Parsimonia and the cool fun chic from Evil Little Girls with her dinosaurs that have plants growing in them! They made everyone smile!!! The Manga artist chic was way cool as well! Fun fun!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Monday, March 5, 2012

Phone Bling

My newest edition to my Envisage Vintage Jewelry creations! I figure, why can't your phone be a piece of jewelry as well? We all carry one, why not have it make a personal statement about you and at the same time, actually BE a statement piece?! So here are a few examples! Please feel free to let me know what you think and to follow my Blog! Thanks for visiting and please come again!

Friday, March 2, 2012

"Shine!" necklace

Inspiring sentiment adorns this hand hammered copper blank that has been given a vintage patina! Lovely, opalescent sea foam glass beads adorn the chain, back of the neck and dangling from the focal piece with dancing movement and bling! Great flashy beads! It's attached to a vintage copper chain with a vintage rhinestone circlet! If you like bling, this is the piece for you! Quite a lovely statement piece looking for a new home!

Sorry, my bad.....

I posted a lovely digital collage with the artists name and I spelled it wrong! So sorry Rachelle! The proper spelling is Rachelle Panagarry! Check out her amazing, colorful, and inspiring art on Facebook and etsy!

Art Eye Candy!

This is a lovely digital collage by Rachelle Panagerry! She's a very talented lady I met on Art Eye Candy on facebook! You can join the group on facebook and meet many other creative people full of inspiration and support! What a great group of artsy people! Just wanted to share her loveliness and the group...so many talented people!

"Flutterbye Blues" necklace

Made from all vintage findings, including vintage rosary beads, vintage ladies watch parts, vintage austrian crystal clip earring, and a repro pressed brass butterfly given a lovely turquoise patina! This lovely Flutterbye went to a good home and is living happily ever after!

Give me patience....

Okay, so I've entered a couple juried events and turned in an application to a shop that has a pretty tight acceptance criteria! I'm so excited, nervous, anxious, and yes, impatient! I so hope I get accepted, and yet, as an artist, and the person I am, feel that's a cop out, as I shouldn't feel I need acceptance to be or do what I do, and yet, down deep, I want, no need that acceptance! I mean, isn't that what we all want? Acceptance with what we do, by people around us, peers, friends, acquaintances, etc? I try to not worry about being accepted, but as an artist and a person I truly want nothing more! Maybe it's a flaw? I only say that because no matter how many times I get hurt or turned down, I still feel the primal need to be accepted! I keep turning in applications and keep wearing my heart on my sleeve! As many times as I have told myself to toughen up, I struggle with the fact that if I do would be to change the core being of who I am, and no matter what, I like who I am and what I do, so I remain, creating, being me, and wearing my heart on my sleeve, or if you will, my heart on my art! And as I write this blog that started out as a way for me to curb my impatience and perhaps ask those who read these for so form of acceptance, that which I battle with, and yet, I have made a discovery as I write this. I have discovered how intertwined art and life truly are, I suppose I knew they were, but to see the direct correlations of art to life, I realize, to be a true artist, friend, lover, mother, or whatever you hope to be in life, you must be happy with who you are, what you do, what you create, before anyone else can accept you, and if you are true to yourself, along the way, you will get to where you want to go with your art and you will meet those people along the way who appreciate you for the real you and they won't expect you to hide or cover up the heart you wear on your sleeve and your art! And so, I remain, being me, true, creative, hopeful, honest, artsy, loving, and yes, IMPATIENT!!!!