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...Enjoying the art of adorning our bodies, our life, our world, and our souls !!! Taking vintage findings, pocket watches, ephemera, kitsch, rhinestones, semi precious stones and anything that strikes my fancy and repurposing it into new and wearable art jewelry for all...I can even incorporate your own pieces for a personal treasure!!!! I will take requests also, just convo me!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Artful life.....

My husband gave me the most amazing Christmas present...a Josh Crow original oil painting that I have been coveting!  For those of you who don't know Josh, he now lives in Chicago and is pursuing his own artful life, he is amazingly talented and I have the honor of being friends with him and his also amazingly talented parents! They are the definition of artful and I can only hope to reach their level of artful living! Just being friends with them makes me feel more creative and blessed artfully! you can do a search for Josh Crow and find his art online, and I am sure you will not be disappointed! I feel so lucky to own one of his originals and truely believe he will be a well known, accomplished artist in our day!!!!! I will post a photo of my Josh Crow painting soon!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The New, more artful me!

This is my first of hopefully many blogposts! Be patient with me as I will be learning as I go! I am doing this as a way to live a more artful life and keep track of my own thoughts! I am a mother of two, a 7 year old precocious,strong willed, beautiful, bright eyed girl, and an 11 year old mommas boy, who is creative,caring,sweet, and much to sensitive, they are the love of my life and take much of my time, but;  I am learning that they enjoy me more when I am creating and take great joy in "helping" me create also, and in these rare moments when we are being artful together, I am in my zen place and they are learning that it is important, in life to follow your passion. I wish I had the oppourtunity to do this at a young age also, and at times find myself jealous of their freedom, curiosity, and love of all things that I have "learned" to doubt! In a way, I suppose, they are reteaching me to live more freely! That said, and being a wife and mother of two, plus a menagerie of pets, it is hard to find time for ourselves and our own passions...and this is the start of the new, more artful me! My wonderful husband, who happens to also be my best friend and lover of 26 years has always supported my creativity and it is because of him that I am going to push myself harder and farther then I would have believed possible! Because of his belief in me, I also believe in me...what a gift!!!!

Everything I do seems to be done in some artful way, I live through art, even in the way I cook and clean, those who know me best understand what I am saying, and while I am always creating in some way or another I am discovering that it is not enough! I NEED to be more artful and my jewelry is my biggest leap of faith thus far! I delight in my own creations and find the hunt for vintage treasures to be just as fun as the creation of my pieces! I love things with a time-worn patina, it seems to have its own story, a life all its own! When I create with vintage pieces I feel and honor that sense of history and give it a new life while remembering its past! Like small time capsules that hopefully become heirlooms to the new owners! I love when my pieces find a new home and when the delighted new owner enjoys the history of the piece as much as the jewelry itself!

Jewelry is such a personal item, we wear it close to our skin, sometimes never removing it, and its a great privledge when someone wears my art! It makes one feel prettier, special, its that crowning jewel tht finishes off an outfit, that can take jeans and a tshirt to a higher level, add that bit of sparkle and flash, that hint of color, or even that lovely jingle that is always a delight to my ears....actually, I love noisey jewelry, I dont know why, I just do!

Seems now that I've started writing that I could go on forever, which is one thing I said I would'nt do, so until another time,my friends, my story will continue and I will promise, to myself, to create many lovely pieces, that hopefully will be enjoyed by many, but if not, I will have thee most amazing personal collection!

....Be Artful....we all are, we just have to let it out!