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...Enjoying the art of adorning our bodies, our life, our world, and our souls !!! Taking vintage findings, pocket watches, ephemera, kitsch, rhinestones, semi precious stones and anything that strikes my fancy and repurposing it into new and wearable art jewelry for all...I can even incorporate your own pieces for a personal treasure!!!! I will take requests also, just convo me!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I got ahead of my self! The reopening at The Foundrie is the 20th! Sorry! The 21st is Wenwood Farm Wineries 9th annual Redbud Festival and earth and art fair, which is my other favorite job! Yep, I work at a winery and make jewelry! How fab is that! Another reason for my overwhelmed excitedness...(not sure that's a word, but I made it so) I do events for the winery as well, ie. wine tastings and much more, so I have one crazy schedule, plus two kids and a husband....hmmmm, it's becoming clear to me why I have no time, it's all great stuff though so now, back to creating, thanks for reading about my crazy life and for allowing me to blab on....


  1. I am sharing both of your blogs on my Facebook account. I love what you're doing, great work. Oh and thanks for the really nice comment on my blog too - the credit really belongs to Adrianna Almanza who teaches that style of painting http://dolldreams.ning.com/

    1. Thanks so much Dee! I'm glad you love what I am doing and thanks also for resharing! I've got to do better at blog posting! I have so many things going at one time that I get a bit behind in some areas! I, of course, as an artist would much rather be creating, so my blogging loses out, but I love to stay in touch with other artsy peeps! I'm going to try and do better!
      Artfully yours,